Get Leland West Auto Insurance For Your Classic Car

Knowing what sort of auto insurance you need for your classic car is something that will save you a lot of time and money. Having the right coverage for a classic car is a little more complicated than a regular policy. You will need to do a little more research in order to find the perfect policy.


But surprisingly, auto insurance for classic cars is much cheaper than regular car insurance. The reason for this is that classic cars are not the primary mode of transportation for most people. A classic car is usually a second or third vehicle for most owners. And as a result the owner will not be using the classic car as often as he or she would use his or her regular car.


The frequency of usage of your classic vehicle will decide your auto insurance rates. This is because the risk associated with your car will go up as you drive it around more often. The more time that you spend on the road with your antique car, the more are the chances of you meeting with an accident. If you show the insurance company that you are not going to be driving around in your car more often, then they will definitely lower your auto insurance rates on your antique vehicle.


There is one more advantage with going for a specialized classic car insurance policy from Leland West Insurance for your car. There is something known as agreed value coverage. There is no easy way to determine the actual value of a classic automobile. Most sales are done in bids and it all depends on how much they said buyer wants that particular car. A rough estimate can be made, but it can in no way by the exact value.


Another issue is that the value of a classic car is not just its practical value or even the value of material. The emotional value attached to a car is something that is very important to people who have owned such a car for decades. In such cases, the insurance company’s would be willing to insure the car for rate that you decide. And obviously your premium will be decided by the rate that you have decided upon.


You can also further reduce your premium rates by not taking coverage for collision. Collision coverage is only required for people who are going to be driving their cars on the freeway or the highway system. Since there is not much probability of you taking your car out on such excursions, you can avoid this cost altogether. When you get an auto insurance quote from Leland West Insurance for classic cars, you’ll see how much you’ll save. And periodic maintenance of your car will obviously be another deciding factor in reducing your premium costs. A well maintained car is something that all insurance companies will favor.


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